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High Purity Pipes, Fittings and Valves

high purity

PURAD high purity thermoplastic piping systems have evolved to satisfy the stringent demands of the chemical pharmaceutical and semi conductor industries.

PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) has become the material of choice for UPW distribution systems, thanks to its level of purity, surface characteristics and pressure temperature capabilities.

PolyPure (natural polypropylene) is a natural unpigmented polypropylene offering good chemical resistance and excellent weldability. Polypure is most suitable for use in less critical UPW systems up to 50ÂșC where great demands are placed upon chemical resistance.

High purity polypropylene (HP-PP) systems are especially suitable for applications in the chemical and semi conductor industries. UPW reclaim systems, cold and hot UPW piping, as well as drain and waste systems are ideal applications for HH-PP.

Most of the High Purity products we stock are AGRU piping products.

High Purity PVDF System

High Purity Polypropylene - PURAD PP-Pure

High Purity Polypropylene - PURAD PolyPure